About Me

BRITTANY GOFF, MSW LCSW-CLicensed Clinical Therapist

About Me

Hi there, my name is Brittany and I am a licensed clinical social worker specializing in Obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders. Instead of talking about where I got my degree from and all of my fancy certifications, I’m here to share with you my journey because I’m sure it’s similar to yours. I myself have spent countless nights losing sleep from ruminating on intrusive and obsessive thoughts.

It would vary anywhere from thinking about the tasks that I need to get done tomorrow, or mentally reviewing a conversation I had with somebody from 10 years ago. Then I would look at the clock and get even more anxious over the hours of sleep I lost ruminated on things outside of my control. The cycle would continue each night.

I too have experienced the torturous symptoms of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Before I was diagnosed, I was consumed with automatic negative thoughts that interfered with my day-to-day functioning. I would spend hours chasing, analyzing, reviewing, and gave meaning to my intrusive and obsessive thoughts. As someone that’s been in your shoes, there is hope and recovery to overcome this disorder. I will teach you how to change your relationship with anxiety by looking it in the face and walking towards it instead of walking away. It is easy to stay trapped and believe the false messages that your OCD feeds you. I will teach you how to rewire your brain into no longer believing those false threats that your brain is torturing you with. My treatment approach teaches you how to stop competing with your OCD and become your own boss. It’s easy to fall for the tricks that OCD plays on your mind. The thoughts and the emotions completely hijack our reality so how could they not be easy to fall for?

With the proper tools, I can teach you how to be you’re own therapist so that you can overcome your intrusive and obsessive thoughts. Let’s work together as a team to quit giving your intrusive thoughts meaning and live a more meaningful and happier life.

Certified member of the International OCD foundation